Video Makam Films Lisboa

4 th edition
22 - 26 May 2024

Intimate fair of high-end Portuguese design furniture & crafts

LISBON by DESIGN is an annual fair that presents a carefully curated collection of high-end contemporary collectible craft and design originating from Portugal.

The concept is to showcase extraordinary pieces that captivate and inspire a diverse audience, including collectors, art consultants, interior designers, real estate developers, and individuals passionate about aesthetics. Many of these remarkable pieces are specially commissioned for the fair or unveiled for the first time.

Since its inception in 2021, LISBON by DESIGN has enjoyed two successful editions in 2022 and 2023. Each edition has been hosted in the intimate and prestigious setting of Gomes Freire Palace, situated in the heart of Lisbon.

The fair takes place in May, coinciding with Arco Lisbon, a prominent and well-attended International Contemporary Art Fair, providing attendees with an enriching cultural experience.