Carolina Vaz explores her creative side and defines her aesthetic sense through the different textures and colors of the skeins that handles.

Carolina grew up in an artistic environment which instilled a desire to experiment different types of manual work and allowed her to explore countless materials, textures colors. After graduating in Visual Arts, she studied advertising and production of shows, and finalized her studies with a Master's Degree in Cultural Management. Since then, Carolina has maintained this contact with Arts and Culture, organizing cultural events.

At the same time, always inspired by the artistic sector, her desire to create grew and she began to explore the arts of textiles by teaching herself macramé. Since then, she decided to learn and deepen other techniques such as tapestry and embroidery that would allow her to create different pieces and sew new stiches to an abstract style. Carolina's creative methods flows freely and intuitively. Her drawings and embroideries take place organically on screen.

Photos courtesy of Carolina Vaz Studio