From modern design to roman archeology, each pick of the gallery is the result of a fine line of passion.

Galeria Bessa Pereira is a gallery that was born 10 years ago, initially based in a showroom close to Gulbenkian foundation and located now at Rua de São Bento, in the heart of Lisbon. 

This Lisbon by Design edition is for the gallery, an occasion to celebrate their journey and to toast to new future opportunities.

The gallery is expanding its international relations by opening a new gallery in Milan in October 2023.

The inspiration of the gallery lies in the dialogue between pieces from different ages and between various types of art (tribal, design, contemporary and modern pieces, etc.)

For this Lisbon by Design edition four designers have been selected, the four, very different one from another, but whose works, at the end, create a perfect scenario of what design is today and the idea of design that the gallery promotes. 

Fernando Brizio is a legend in Portuguese design and has been creating iconic collections since the 90s. 

HAMREI is one of the most recognisable signatures in collectible design. He proposes elegant yet bold pieces. 

André Silva Sancho is a genius of experimentation. His design explores important topics such as the use of recycled materials and sustainability.

Designer and artistic director, Toni Grilo who is distinguished by his global vision of design and leads entrepreneurs to create contemporary and timeless design brands, such as Riluc in 2009, Haymann Editions in 2012 and Blackcork in 2014. 

He also created the LXD design fair, Lisboa Design Show, and became artistic director of the renowned century-old silver brand Topázio from 2013 to 2016. 

In 2019, he founded Marm, a marble lighting brand with manufacturer MCM. That year he also founded INOT, a free edition of exceptional pieces in collaboration with artisans.

Photos courtesy of Bessa Perreira Gallery