"We have a passion for the beauty in imperfection, the human touch and pieces that tell a story."

Carla Radoll (34, Brazilian/Italian) & Bruno Graça (31, Portuguese), the dynamic duo behind Hum Studio & Gallery, born out of a simple yet grounded vision. From crafting interior spaces to designing products and branding solutions, they infuse every project with their intuitive touch. With a portfolio spanning residential projects across the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Brazil, they firmly believe in the magic of collaboration.

Their journey naturally led them to expand into creative curation with the birth of Hum Gallery. Here, imperfection is celebrated, and each piece tells a unique story, embodying the human touch they cherish. Hum Gallery is their curated haven for exploring art, objects, and design, showcasing artists and designers who resonate with their aesthetic.

While primarily an online space for now, Hum Gallery occasionally pops up in selected venues for temporary exhibitions. Their inaugural exhibition, "The Weight of Light" by Laura Pasquino, marked a successful foray into curating, with Carla and Bruno overseeing every aspect from concept to logistics.


Instagram: @hum.galelry

Photos courtesy of Marieke Verdenius