Deeply inspired by the History of Art and romanticism, Laura assumes herself as a Portuguese Landscape artist.

Laura Vitorino Rebelo (Funchal, 1985). Lives and works at Herdade da Burquilheira, Alcáçovas.

Her education ranges from a PhD in Art History researcher, a Master in Artistic Practices in Visual Arts, and a BA in Visual Arts from the School of Arts at the University of Évora.

In a constant itinerant nomadism, Laura's multidisciplinary artistic practice, focuses on the Landscape format, questioning the themes of identity, memory and experience.

It emerges as a plastic and visual essay of the physical landscape, which focuses mainly on the permanent observation, reflection and experience of the body in a landscape. 

Laura uses video, photography and classification documentation to explore the passing of the seasons, inquiring about the essence of the Landscape itself.

Her works belong in the public and private collections of Casa da Luz Museum (Portugal), Luciano Benetton Collection (Italy), and Center for Contemporary Art of Malaga (Spain).

Photos courtesy of Laura Vitorino Rebelo