Our Design tell stories, generate questions, emotions and discoveries through human senses. Contemporary design transcends basic survival needs and leads us to a poetic design of new information and experiences.

Mameluca Studio was launched in 2010 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by Ale Clark and Nuno FS.

Ale Clark was born in Brazil and studied product design and marketing. After working for several years in the industrial sector, she decided to dedicate herself to design. She was inspired by Brazilian art and, above all, by her grandmother and greatest influence, during her collaboration with the Lygia Clark Foundation.

Nuno FS, of Portuguese origin, studied biology, engineering and photography. He entered the art world through photography and sculpture, influenced by his father, the artist José Miguel Franco de Sousa. After 10 years since the opening of the studio, they decided to cross the Atlantic in search of an art capable of giving new life to the old and adapting it to current needs. Today, their studio is located in Cascais, Portugal.


Photos courtesy of Mameluca Studio