Martinho Pita Studio intertwines art with design, shaping beauty amid nature and artifice, manifested in poetic forms where creativity thrives.

Martinho Pita is a Portuguese designer born and based in Lisbon.

Profoundly curious since hischildhood, Martinho has a BA in Architecture and the Arts from Edinburgh College of Art.

He worked in several leading European Architecture Studios, such as MVRDV (Rotterdam) and Aires Mateus (Portugal).

Martinho launched his career by moving to India to help develop and implement the Incremental Housing Strategy in the slums of Yerawada, Pune. He worked alongside the NGO Sparcindia and Urban Nouveau (Sweden), with whom he would collaborate on several other projects, such as Connecting-Stockholm and TISA.

After 10 years of living and working abroad in 5+ countries and travelling the world, he returned home to Lisbon to co-create a project on the beaming Southern coast of Europe. TISA (The Informal School of Architecture), engaged 50+ multidisciplinary students in Cova do Vapor, a traditional fisherman’s village on the outskirts of Lisbon. Driven by a continual quest to reinvent himself creatively, Martinho founded his hyponym studio. At Martinho Pita Studio, he works his genuine vision, in close collaboration with local artisans, blending interior design, product development and architecture. The studio focuses on the poignant intersection of tradition and innovation, embodied by bespoke craftsmanship projects and soulful pieces.

Photos courtesy of Teresa Pamplona and Fabrice Parchet