Each single piece celebrates nature and life, but also its scars, imperfections, and second chances.

Oficina Marques is an art and design studio run by Gezo Marques and José Aparício Gonçalves that produces art and handmade objects. 

The work of OM, although plural, follows 5 basic themes that may appear alone or together in a larger narrative: the sea, the bush, the body, faith, and the city of Lisbon. The sum of these five elements is what they call "Tusa de Viver". From wooden panels and sculptures to signature ceramics, from furniture to decoration, everything is produced, piece by piece, by the hands of artists.

Celebrating life is the idea that cuts across OM's entire creative process. Always with a sense of humor, the pieces are created in a time equal to childhood games. The manual choice of raw materials favors those that are part of everyday life, such as furniture and discarded objects, waste, and also organic materials such as wood and clay.

"Manual registration is very important in our work, so the name chosen for the project is Workshop. The fact that things are done manually by us, in an increasingly digital world, is also a way of positioning ourselves. We believe and highly value manual work, as well as the human dimension of those who create with their own hands."

Oficina Marques is located in the heart of Bairro Alto, one of the most traditional and at the same time eclectic neighborhoods in Lisbon. In an authentic cabinet of curiosities managed by the artists themselves, it is possible to discover and buy the pieces directly at the place where they are produced.


Photos courtesy of Oficina Marques and Ines Pinhao.